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Established in 2012, SH School of Communication (SHSC) hosts four departments that study different areas in media - Animation, Graphic Design, Journalism, and Cinema and Television, of Sacred Heart Autonomous College, Thevara. SHSC offers Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes in Animation, Graphic Design, Communication and Journalism, and Cinema and Television.

This Communication school aims to inculcate innovation, imaginative action and professional responsibility in students while nourishing a personal bond between mentor and mentee. Learning is facilitated through verbal and audio- visual instruction and hands-on training. Creative application of learnt methods through projects help mould an integrated approach to self learning. SHSC reinforces a 360 degree exposure to students by involving them in events related to various media practices as well as extending opportunities to experience work environment at design studios, television channels and media houses through internships, field trips and training. The school has a robust alumni base that offers year round support to extra curricular as well as academic activities.

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