BA Animation & Graphic Design

  • Duration

    3 yrs

  • Eligibility

    A pass in +2 or equivalent / any degree

Bachelor degree programme in Animation and Graphic Design equips students for a wide range of careers starting from traditional (2D) and digital animation (2D and 3D), to all branches in communication design. Various theory and practical courses in the programme enable each student to develop insights and implement the resultant ideas in design and creation of content along with a fundamental awareness of history of art.


Semester I
  • English I (Theory)
  • History of Art and Design (Theory)
  • Elements of Graphic Design (Project)
  • Rudiments of Animation Drawing (Practical)
  • Techniques of Photographic Composition (Practical)
Semester II
  • English II (Theory)
  • History of Animation and Visual Effects (Theory)
  • Planning for Animation (Project)
  • Raster Graphics for Designers (Practical)
  • Vector Graphics for Designers (Practical)
Semester III
  • Classical Animation (Project)
  • Branding Design (Practical)
  • Typography (Practical)
  • Stop Motion Animation (Practical)
  • Basic of 3D Animation (Practical)
Semester IV
  • Advanced Cel Animation (Project)
  • Publication Design (Practical)
  • Design for Web (Practical)
  • Digital Illustration (Practical)
  • Techniques of 3D Animation (Practical)
Semester V
  • Basic Compositing and Visual Effects (Practical)
  • Interaction Design (Practical)
  • Video Editing (Practical)
  • Advanced 3D Animation Techniques (Practical)
  • Environment Studies and Communication (Theory)
Semester VI
  • Internship
  • 2D Digital Animation (Poject)
  • Animation Project
  • Design Project
  • Choice Based Project (Elective)
    1. Visual Effects Project
    2. Advertising Design Project
    3. UI Design Project